luafox for RISC OS

luafox for RISC OS helps you to process, analyze and visualize your scientific data. This includes the full working process starting from the import of raw data, the preprocessing and analysis of the data and finally the creation of scientif graphs.

luafox is more than just another application for data analysis. Typical work sequences are implemented much smarter and allow you to execute powerfull tasks without scripting knowledge.

Some of luafox highlights are shown and explained below. Make sure you try luafox by yourself and download the free demo version now!



Import RiscOS

Ususlly the analysis of scientific data starts with the import of the raw measurement data. luafox can import data from .csv (comma separated values) as well as from files in the .ods (OpenOffice / LibreOffice) or .xlsx (Microsoft Excel) format.

When using .csv files you can import many files in one batch. Just create a list of all files – which may be stored in different directories and drives. Using flexible filters you can then import only those files that are relevant to you.

You can import a collection of files as individual tables or concatenate them into one table. You can limit the number of columns and rows to be imported and import the first column only once if it is identical in all files.



Constants and Nummers


Konstanten RISC OS

Use inbuild natural numbers in calculations and cells – no need to look them up separately.

Define your own numbers and use them like natural constants.

Access the value of cells of all open tables in your calculations.



Selection tool


Auswahlwerkzeug RISC OS

Select columns and rows automatically using the selection tool. Define a start and end column/row for the selection and define a rule for the selection.

You want to select every third row? Or all columns with a mean value greater zero? No problem!

Instead of selecting the columns and rows you can also directly copy, move or delete them.



Header lines


Kopfzeilen RISC OS

Add header lines that contain meta information about the columns. Define your own header lines or use one of the presets (Mean, Median, Standard error, …).

Header lines can also be generated automatically when importing .csv files containing meta information like Names, ID, etc.

Switch header lines on and off with only one click. Header lines always stay visible even if you scroll down.



Search and Replace


Suchen_Ersetzen RISC OS

Search for a number or an expression in the current table or selection.

Replace it by a self defined value which can also be a calculation containing the initial cell value. You may also use the current column and row number or a counter in the replacement expression.

Use expressions in the programming language lua to define the search or replacement term.





Funktionen RISC OS

Apply one of the inbuild functions to a selection of data or define your own function.

Choose independently of the actual selection whether the selected values will be treated as columns, rows or a block of data.

Choose what happens with the result of a function: Replace the current selection? Insert new colums and rows or open a new table? Or do you prefer to copy the result into the clipboard and decide later?

Add a calculation rule to colums to generate the cell values. Access other columsn, rows or cells of open tables. Fit function can automatically fill in the fir formular for you if you wish.



Scatter and Line graphs


Liniengraph RISC OS

Generate scatter and line graphs and add data from all open tables. There are a lot of parameters that you can change to influence the style of the graph: Change all colors, line styles and width, symbol sizes etc.

Fill the area below curves or add an offset to create waterfall graphs. Switch between scatter and line graph and different graph styles by only one mouse click.



Bar charts


Stelle die Daten in vier verschiedeBalkendiagramm RISC OSnen Balkendiagrammen dar (normal, gestapelt,

Show your data in one of four different bar charts (standard, stacked, relatovely stacked or next to each other) and change between these settings with only one mouse click.

Change the colors, the widths of the bars or the frame style. Change the settings by the values: Make larger bars appear reddish and smaller ons bluish for example.





Store all graph settings in a style and use it in other graphs.

Change between different styles by only two clicks. Use styles to generate a color and a black and white version of a graph for viewing on the screen or printing. In the b/w-version you can use different line patterns insead of colours to separate the curves. Define color palettes by hand or using formulars.











All features of luafox are explained in the manual which you can download here.

Would you like to try luafox for yourself now? No problem, just download the demo version and test it for free!