Data Analysis

Analysing Software for Research and Development

luafox offers innovative software solutions in the field of graph data analysis and presentation. Our goal is to reduce the complexity of extensive data processing by providing a comprehensive graphical interface that doesn’t require any scripting knowledge.

We facilitate the evaluation of measured data that are newly collected, i.e. for the purpose of a scientific degree thesis. Furthermore, luafox is designed to support development departments that perform frequently changing data analyses.

luafox wants to set new standards when it comes to the operation of graph data analysis software. It allows the automation of monotonous and repetitive work routines with just a few clicks.

Comprehensive configuration allows you to adapt the software to your specific needs and your work-flow. Self defined or default styles can be applied to graphs to change their appearance with only a few mouse clicks.

The advantages of luafox:

Quick processing of scientific data
Extensive analysis tools
Convenient data presentation

Try it out by yourself and test the demo version.

Import data from multiple CSV files at once and combine it/them into one table.
Use predefined natural constants in tables and calculations.
Selection Tool
Automatically select columns and rows that match certain conditions which you can define.
Imply a variety of inbuilt mathematical and statistical functions to your measurement data.
Bring your data into the right format. Move, flip, sort or transpose your data.
Change the dimension of a table and rearrange its values.
Search for an expression, apply changes to it and use it to replace the initial value.
Header Lines
Display IDs, descriptions and statistical parameters for every column in multiple header lines.
Generate professional line and scatter graphs or bar charts with only a few clicks.
Display the data the way you prefer it. Let the symbol size and colour reflect actual data values.
Store all your graph settings in a style and change between different styles with only a few clicks.
Export graphs as SVG, PDF or PNG and tables as ODS, CSV or HTML.